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Standart The Academy Ch. 02

*As usual, everyone in this story is 18 or over. I don't mention this in the actual text because it kind of ruins the school atmosphere.*


Half a second later, Stacy came. She felt the orgasm rock her body as she locked eyes with her father until both their eyes glazed over with lust. Roger knew it was time, and slowly walked over to his daughter, removing an item of his clothing with every step. By the time he reached Stacy, he was completely naked, his cock standing straight in front of him. He walked around his daughter's body, a lewd smile crossing his face. 'Oh, she looks so good...' he thought. 'Like a hotter version of her mother. I can't wait to taste her! But not yet... Soon...'. Out loud, he said "Well Stacy, the last time we saw each other, you said I wasn't your father anymore. The way I see it, if I'm not your dad, then I can go right ahead and do... This!"

On the last word he slid his cock right into her open mouth. To his surprise, she took all 8 inches without stopping, and he watched as she deep throated him until her nose was pressed right up against his stomach. It was a lot for him to take, and he was close to cumming when she started moaning with his cock still in her throat. The vibrations sent him over the edge, just like the thought of her father being the one she was sucking was the catalyst for Stacy's second orgasm. They came together, father and daughter, and Stacy deftly swallowed all of Roger's cum, a huge smile on her face. "Mmmm, you're really tasty Daddy", she purred. " You can cum in my mouth any day."

And with that, she scraped a bit of cum from the side of her mouth and rubbed it into her lips.

This wanton display proved too much for Mr Harper, who until now had been steadily pumping away at Stacy's tight teenage pussy. He promptly came, filling her with his spunk, and pulled out, satisfied.

"Well Stacy, not that I haven't enjoyed this or anything, but I think you had better get back to your lessons." he said. Stacy stood up slowly, completely dazed by the events that had just unfolded, and somehow managed to make herself look reasonably presentable. "I think you're going to Miss Dalley's class now. That's two doors down on the right. Be a good girl and do everything she says, or I'll give you a really nasty punishment next time, OK?"

"Yes, Mr Harper." Stacy intoned, still only semi-conscious, whilst heading towards the exit.

"Bye now!" Mr Harper called as she closed the door behind her. He heard a mumbled goodbye in return, and then turned to Roger, smiling broadly.

"You've bursa escort raised a real cock- whore there Roger!" he said. "I'm willing to bet that little slut will take anything you throw at her."

"I sure wouldn't mind you testing that theory, George. I for one am ready for a little show, but I don't know how far she would go."

"Well, we of course have cameras in every classroom, but I think I can organise something better. There's a event tomorrow night, organised by one of the older years, and I'm willing to bet that she'll really let herself go. I can arrange for you to be say at High Table."

"Oh, George, that would be brilliant. I'm looking forward to fucking that sweet little snatch, and maybe even that ass!"

"I totally agree with you, she's a real sweet fuck! I'll get you a seat right away."

Chapter 5

Stacy walked as if in a dream to her next lesson, following Mr Harper's instructions. Millions of thoughts ran through her head, the most prominent being 'I just fucked a teacher whilst my father watched!' and 'I just sucked my dad's cock!'. She was utterly confused, extremely horny, and all she could think about was how good her father's cock would feel inside her sopping wet pussy. And now she had to go face another lesson, with girls like Ruby and Trish bouncing around in their sexy outfits, most likely sucking off more teachers. On top of all that, she had Mr Harper's cum running down her leg! 'Oh, fuck it!' she thought. 'If they see, they see. I'll just have to deal with the questions. Right now, I need to concentrate on just getting through this day! 'Hey, maybe I can even get someone to suck this cum out of me' added the same voice that had spoken all those nasty thoughts earlier.

She took a deep breath, and pushed open the door to Miss Dalley's classroom, only to see a naked student lying on the desk with two bright pink vibrators sticking out of her cunt and asshole, buzzing at full power.

Chapter 6

Shaken, but not totally surprised, Stacy walked in and sat down at an empty desk. She surveyed her surroundings, and noticed Miss Dalley, a pretty blonde with big tits and red lips. The only one not in a uniform, her clothes were nevertheless tight fitting and excessively revealing. She sat on a chair near the naked student-occupied desk, watching the vibrators intensely. Next to her was a massive interactive whiteboard with a picture of the vibrator in a box, and the words 'BUCK FUCK - THE FUCKING NEVER STOPS!' written below it. Stacy was still looking around when she was distracted by bursa escort bayan the loud moans coming from the girl on the desk. Bucking and thrashing, she came all over the vibrators and screamed in ecstasy.

"Thank you for that, Melissa." Miss Dalley said, standing up. "That was very educational. You may now sit back down." She withdrew the vibes, and turned them off, turing to the rest of the class with them in her hands, slick and covered with Melissa's juices. "So that was the new 'Buck Fuck' vibrator. As you can see, it is quite effective, bringing Melissa to orgasm in less than five minutes without her even having to touch herself." She tapped the board, and a new picture came up, this time of a pair of vibrating panties. "Now I want someone to test these. Let's see..." she scanned the girls' faces and finally her eyes met Stacy's. "New girl! Stacy, isn't it? You've just been to Mr Harper's office, haven't you?" Stacy nodded. " Well, we all know what that means!" Miss Dalley continued. "So you should be ready. Put these on." She opened a draw in the desk and brought out a pair of the panties in their packaging, and opening the packet passed them to Stacy. "Go ahead and strip." she ordered. Stacy saw no point in arguing, and so, stripping naked, started putting on the panties.

"Wait a minute Stacy! Is that... Cum? On your leg?" Miss Dalley inquired. Stacy nodded, turning slightly red. "Well, well, well! What a naughty girl! I hope you're on the pill - we wouldn't want a mini Mr Harper running around the place, would we? Hmmm... Well, we can't let you use the panties in that state! Melissa, you've had your fun, so would you be willing to help Stacy here out with her little problem?"

Melissa answered with an enthusiastic smile, and walked up to Stacy on slightly shaky legs, before dropping to her knees and lapping like a cat at the cream coming from Stacy's extremely wet pussy. Stacy looked down at the cute brunette and shuddered with pleasure at her ministrations.

When Melissa had finished her thorough exploration of her fellow student's cunt, she allowed Stacy to regain her composure before sitting down to watch the show. Blushing slightly, Stacy slid on the panties, thinking, 'What am I doing? Stripping in front of twenty girls, most of whom I've never seen before, and putting on a pair of vibe panties... This is crazy!' But even as she thought that to herself, Stacy knew that however crazy it was, it was doubly arousing. Taking up the little remote that controlled the vibrations from the underwear, she pressed the button marked escort bursa 'MAX' and sat on the teacher's desk, sighing in pleasure as the buzzing spread through her already well-pleasured pussy.

Chapter 7

It took all of four minutes for Stacy to come over the panties, a fact that Miss Dalley immediately commented on. However, before they could get on to the next product, the bell rang, signalling the end of the lesson. As the students stood up to leave, Ruby and Trish slid over to Stacy, complimenting her on her performance. Ruby said, "Okay, so you're now going to your last lesson of the morning. I'm warning you, you've got Mr and Miss Jenson next. You really want to watch out for them, they're real nasty to people who mess around. Stay on their good side though, and you'll be fine. You may even get to participate in more demonstrations!" Ruby winked, and made as if to leave.

"Wait a sec!" Stacy called after her, "Aren't you coming with me?"

"Nope! I've got Mr Harper now. It's just you and Trish, honey!"

"We'll see her at break." Trish informed Stacy as their vivacious blonde friend walked off. "Right now, we need to get to class. The Jenson twins get seriously pissed at late comers!"

Stacy trailed after her, wondering at the use of the word 'twins' in Trish's sentence. 'It must be a nickname.' she reassured herself. 'Surely even this school couldn't employ twins as sex teachers, could they? That's kind of wrong...' But then that little voice came back and added 'Says the girl who just sucked off her father...' Stacy almost groaned as she realised this was true. 'Just shut up, will you?' she told herself, 'I've got to concentrate!' She walked through the door of the classroom and sat down next to Trish before examining her surroundings. That's when she saw the two most perfect human beings she had ever seen. The woman had blonde curls cascading down her back, and little blonde ringlets framing her heart-shaped face, which itself encased almond-shaped emerald green eyes. Her twin (for he had to be her twin, they looked so much alike) had the chiselled body and muscles of a Greek god, and a face to match. His hair, exactly the same hue as his sister's, was cropped short, and he stared at the class with piercingly beautiful eyes. Stacy was almost completely bowled over by their beauty, but what she saw next practically knocked her out. There was a sentence on the board next to them. And it read 'Practising anal sex'.

*Please vote and comment if you enjoyed this story. I've had some really nice emails from 3 people, and their feedback was invaluable. Please, more of you follow their example! I'm sorry this story took a while to write, but I hope it was worth the wait. Believe me when I say that there's more to come very soon!*

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