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Standart The Price Of Admission

The Price Of AdmissionTimmy always intimidated me. He lived right next door to us. My parents and all the other adults in the neighborhood thought that Timmy was a nice, well behaved boy. That's because Timmy was a master at manipulating and fooling others.He never hurt me, but he was always unfriendly to me. He ignored me when his family and mine hung out together. He often made fun of me in front of the other k**s. But I got used to it and I just did my best to stay away from him.We were all at school one day when I heard a rumor that Timmy bought a bunch of hard core magazines to school that day. He found them by accident when he was in their attic doing something else. I also heard from several other boys that Timmy would let any boy look at those dirty magazines just by asking him.I was a horny 14 year old and of course I wanted to see all those dirty magazines. But I was too afraid of Timmy to ask him. Finally, in the lunchroom, I mustered up enough courage to walk up to Timmy and ask him if I could check out that stuff. I expected him to say no in his usual condescending way, but he surprised me by saying yes to my request."But there's a long list of k**s ahead of you. We live next door to each other and I'll be the only one in my house until at least 6pm, so why don't you just come over to my house right after school and I'll let you check out the stuff for as long as you want to.""Wow, thanks, Timmy. I'll go right to your house right after school is done for the day."I was too horny to question Timmy's motives since this was the first izmir escort time that he wasn't mean to me. I watched the clock the rest of that day and when it was finally time to go home I walked quickly to Timmy's house.He let me in and we went upstairs to his bedroom. I watched him as he got his backpack from the closet and then pulled out one of the magazines which he handed over to me. "This one is my favorite. Go ahead, check it out."I was in a hormone induced sexual frenzy. I turned the pages and Timmy was right, the pictures were really hot. There was a long photoset of a pretty white teenage girl, totally naked, and a dark skinned black guy. He was also attractive and he had a huge fucking dick. The first few pages had the girl sucking that huge black thing and after that there were a lot more pictures of him fucking her in every position. The last two pages showed him shooting his load all over the girl's face and of the girl putting his dick back in her mouth.If I was by myself I would have been naked and jerking off, but I wasn't alone. I was in Timmy's room with Timmy right next to me so I had wait to jerk off later when I was back at our house.Timmy let me check out that magazine for a few minutes and then he suddenly grabbed it from my hands without telling me first. I remember thinking that Asshole Timmy was back again, and I was ready for whatever verbal abuse he would throw at me. But he didn't say anything abusive to me. Instead, he said this to me:"OK, now it's time for you to do something for me. I just let you see izmir escort bayan the best porn magazine I got, because you asked me to let you when we were at lunch earlier today. I did what you wanted me to do for you, so it's only fair that you do something I want you to do in exchange for that."That got my usual defenses back up and I waited for him to tell me what he wanted from me. Timmy went on. "And what I want in return is for you to take off all your clothes for me, right now. And after you do that, I'll tell you what else I want you to do for me."I didn't expect Tim to ask me to get naked right in front of him. I also didn't expect to be as turned on as I was when he told me to do that. I could have said no and left, but I didn't say no and I didn't leave. Instead, I said "OK, Timmy, I'll do that for you." And then I stood up and I slowly took off all of my clothes right in front of him."Yeah, I like that. I like what I see. And you got a nice big dick too," he said as he watched me undress for him. I do have a big dick - 8 inches plus a little - and it grew to that size almost a year earlier. He told me to stroke it slowly and then he told me to turn around so he could see my ass and not to turn back around until he told me to. And when he did tell me that two minutes later, he was standing up like I was and he was totally naked like I was. And his dick was also hard like mine was, but his was bigger than mine. A lot bigger. You really do have a big dick but mine is even bigger. 9 inches. My eyes locked in on his big 9 inch escort izmir dick and I already knew what else he wanted me to do, and I was more than ready to do it.Timmy then made me promise not to tell anyone about what we were doing and I said yes I promise you that."Good. And now I'll tell you the other thing you have to do for me. I want you do get down on your knees and give me a blowjob. You know you want to do that and so do I."OK, Timmy, I'll do it. I'll do whatever you want me to do because you let me see that hot porn magazine." That wasn't the only reason I was willing to do what he wanted, of course.I had been fooling around with my best friend Josh for more than a year when this true story happened. It was fun and we both got off whenever we hooked up but Josh had a really small dick and I knew I wanted a much bigger dick in my mouth. And I never would have thought that it would be Timmy's dick, but that's life I guess....I sucked Timmy's dick, with me on my knees and him standing the whole time, for more than 10 minutes. That's when he pulled his dick out of my mouth and then shot a huge load of cum all over my face. He made me lick it all off, which I did, and I made myself cum as I was licking the cum off his dick and seeing him look down on me with his jizz dripping down my face.When it was over he said I was really good and then he asked me if I wanted to do it again. You all know my answer. I sucked Timmy's big 9 inch dick for the next 5 years. Too many times to remember how many times I actually did it. And after about a year, Timmy started to give me blowjobs once in a while. He was fucking me regularly after about 2 years. And it all happened because Timmy decided to go up into the attic and found his dad's secret hidden porn stash by mistake..
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